About Us

It All Started With A Sip Of Drink…

Established in 2016, OCTOBER CUPS is essentially a proudly made-in-Penang brand, where Founder Eileen Tan provided Penangites with wholesome herbal drinks made from 100% natural ingredients, with no added preservatives, colouring, and artificial flavouring. Every bottle of October Cups natural herbal drinks are also prepared with a generous dose of devotion for a healthier way of life.

Budding from the simple dedication to provide nutritious herbal drinks for her family, and growing requests from various friends and family by word of mouth, October Cups herbal drinks has now garnered a notable popularity among the public. We strictly uphold our promise in picking and selecting only the freshest and high quality ingredients. That will always be our promise to all our consumers.

“Natural ingredients,
healthful drinks,
nutritious for you,”

these are October Cups’ basic tenets.

Innovative processes for efficient production

Thanks to the unwavering support from our loyal customers, October Cups had the opportunity to grow and expand from a humble household endeavour, to a flourishing small business in 2020.

We have incorporated innovative automated machines and equipments as part of our production process, directly facilitating a more efficient production capacity to meet the increasing demand of our eager clients. We have also moved into a larger production facility with all the proper hygiene procedures in place, giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to food safety concerns of our nutritious drinks.

Although our processes have improved, our promise still remains selection of only the freshest and premium quality natural ingredients. We still personally handpick and inspect all ingredients on the line before they are sent to be processed.

Our Vision

To inspire a healthier way of life, one cup of October Cups drink at a time.

Our Mission

To offer nutritious drink options that are free of any preservatives, colouring and flavouring.

October Cups Obligations

100% natural ingredients

No added Preservatives

No colouring

No artificial flavouring

only the best natural ingredients make the cup

In the process of selecting the ingredients in which to produce October Cups’ popular herbal drinks, we only pick the freshest and highest quality ingredients. We personally handpick and inspect all ingredients, and then slowly boil them down to a wholesome liquid drink. 

Crisp Winter Melons

We only select and use fresh winter melon as ingredients for our drinks, to reap the full benefits in taste and nutrient.

Fresh Local Lemongrass

We look for fresh lemongrass with tight bulbs, with bright stems and healthy-looking tops.

Dried Hawthorn Fruits

Hawthorn fruits have been widely regarded for its nutritious goodness, thus we only use clean hawthorn fruits from our trusted supplier.

Juicy, Riped Lemons

we always make it a point to select only well-ripened lemons with a tangy, juicy flesh.

Plump Red Dates

All our raw red dates are plump and firm. We take the extra step to remove the pit from each individual red date as we prepare them to be cooked.

Goji Berries

We only pick the finest goji berries that are dark red in colour, with a distinctive taste of sweetness