If you fancy a flavourful drink, then this will be the sound choice for you. It is packed with the natural taste from the hawthorn berries’ pleasant sourness, balanced with the sweetness of goji berries.


Hawthorn fruits contain many potent antioxidants, besides aiding to improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol levels and helping to control high blood pressure. In Chinese traditional medicines, it also works to reduce phlegm, eliminating toxins from the body.


Goji berries is a fruit that contains high amount of antioxidants that are beneficial for boosting our immune system and reducing inflammation. It is also said to be beneficial in promoting healthy skin and improving eyesight.

Our HAWTHORN + GOJI BERRY herbal drink:

Is loaded with antioxidants

Stimulates appetite and digestion

Strengthens immune system

Nourishes liver and improves vision

Promotes smoother skin