By virtue of the double ‘lemon’ in this drink, both the lemongrass and lemon used combined to produce a refreshing, citrusy drink that is rich in Vitamin C. Perfect on a warm day to keep the body hydrated.


Lemongrass promotes healthy digestion, alleviates nausea, and helps relief menstrual pains. Lemongrass is also used in making Vitamin A that is essential for healthy vision, teeth, skeletal tissue and beautiful skin.


Lemon is a fruit from the citrus family that is rich in Vitamin C, fiber and various beneficial plant compounds. Besides acting as a detox agent in helping to rid the body of toxins, lemons are high in antioxidants that can help better skin complexion and hydrate the body. 

Our LEMONGRASS + LEMON herbal drink:

Aids digestion

Prevents anaemia

Supports heart health

Possesses antioxidants that beautify the skin

Detoxes and facilitates weight loss