Winter melon on its own does not produce a strong taste, but when combined with red dates, makes a tangy and sweet herbal drink. Perfect to beat the Malaysian heat and as a slimming tea option.


Winter melon is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, sodium and many health-benefitting nutrients. It can help lower body temperature, besides improving the body’s immunity system, and is commonly used in Chinese double-boiled soups for nourishment.


Red dates are one of the most popular health foods that is not only treated as a food ingredient, but also as a health tonic and is included in many traditional Chinese herbal formulas like tea and nutritious soups, as it stimulates blood flow and is beneficial in balancing one’s bodily ‘qi’.

Our WINTER MELON + RED DATES herbal drink:

Aids digestion

Stimulates blood flow

Balances bodily ‘qi’

Relieves summer heat

Great option for a slimming tea